This is a web-site for buying and downloading graphic prints.

You get brand-new updated artworks presenting the latest fashion & graphic trends.

It´s easy to download & manipulate our vector & raster files into your own designs and perfect for “fast fashion”


It is important for us that you have a good feeling when you shop here. Therefor you are always welcome to contact us per mail if there is any doubt.

Mail us at or phone: +4530229900 or +4522875270

In the following passages you´ll find the business conditions of PRINTS-PATTERNS, as well as conditions of security, personal information, and consumer protection.

See all the articles in one category/ group:

To give you a general idea of the category/group we have made a survey of all categories of articles/themes. Look at frontpage, top left. Click at the chosen category /group and get a list of all the items in this group.

When you have found your favourites in our artwork collection, you may click on the artwork and further information will appear and the file specifications.

Get more information about a print or find a print:

You may find more information about specific prints or themes by typing relevant words like “Small flower” in “Search” – see top, to the left.

You can find more information about a specific article by typing its order number in “Search”, see top left, and then click “Search”.

To see a survey of the articles of a specific group you may look at frontpage, top left “Categories” and then click on “Flowers”, “Animal”, “Classic Patterns” or “Nature” etc.

When you buy an article the following rules are valid:

These prints are mainly reserved for commercial use.

Access to the latest design news can only be through login with your e-mail & password and by accepting to receipt email news.

You can use our prints for “Private use” or “Commercial use” & sale.

We strongly advise you to change print or parts of the print before re-use or re-sale.

Prints in this web shop are Royalty-free prints & not copies of other prints. We let us inspire by the current trend, & can come close to other designs because of the general trend of period, but all designs are built up entirely by us, and designed by us.

You cannot use our artwork in any offending way to other persons.

Any demand, case of copyright, or other cases or legal actions that might appear to those clients who have used designs or prints in this website and used it for commercial purposes, any sort of production, or resale will solely fall on these clients themselves and in no way on us and our website.

Without our explicit agreement you cannot buy or print and sell it to similar or rival companies that handle design and sale of graphic patterns and print design.

You accept that there might be small colour variation in the downloaded print compared to the material shown online.

You accept that some Photoshop files are not in layers and that we have informed about the resolution.

We make reservations as to all printer´s errors and errors of files.

We can close your access in case of misuse.

Resale of products:

The client has no rights of resale PRINTS-PATTERN´s artworks & print unless we have made an explicit agreement.


Public use: This is license for public use

Designs are sold with a one-off exclusive license. Once a design is sold it is instantly removed from the site.

You may print/add designs to your products and collections for commercial use

Private use: This is license for private use only

You have the right to use print design in your personal work (Work where you are not paid for your services). It´s not allowed to use it on products for resale and commercial use.


Possible collection charges will be charged the account according to the current Danish law.

Returns & Refunds on patterns

Downloadable designs are not returnable or refundable once they have been purchased/downloaded, for obvious reasons. If your purchase is defective and you notify us within 12 days of your purchase, we will either provide a replacement/update to that item or refund your transaction.


Your personal information is secure.

When you login, we register your company, your name, mail and address in our system, which will make future orders easier.

We guarantee that we do not pass on your personal information to any other party, including other firms.

Contact Information:

Mail: , phone +45 30229900 or +45 22875270 Monday-Friday 10-12 o´clock. Address: PRINTS-PATTERNS, Olufsgade 7,DK-7400 Herning, Denmark

Accept of the conditions of sale.

The client accepts herewith the present conditions of sale, this being the only legal agreement between the client and PRINTS-PATTERNS, unless a different agreement exist in writing between us.